a woman engages in conflict resolution with her co-workersMediation prevents litigation

by bringing parties in dispute closer together for a collaborative discussion.

“A Guide to Washington State Courts” define Mediation as:

“Mediation is a confidential, voluntary, non-binding process which uses a neutral third party to guide parties towards a mutually beneficial resolution of their disagreement. Resolutions are created to suit both parties, and may include an agreement not available via the court system.
The mediator does not impose his or her will or judgment on the parties but helps them decide for themselves whether to settle, and on what terms. The mediator is a catalyst, helping parties reach agreement by identifying issues, exploring possible bases for agreement, and weighing the consequences of not settling.
Mediation works well in one-on-one disputes and in large, multi-group conflicts. It is effective in all types of civil matters, and may occur before or after the filing of a lawsuit. Although attorneys may be present during the mediation process, they are not essential to the process.

The mission of Skagit Mediation is to create peace and understanding, by empowering parties in dispute,  to effectively have a crucial conversation, that leads to an agreement.

Our specialized mediation services help de-escalate conflict, and create a collaborative environment to work towards a negotiated and formal agreement.

 Mediation helps families, co-workers, and the community at large to de-escalate conflict
and develop a negotiated formal agreement.

Skagit Mediation does not provide legal advice.
Only a lawyer can give you legal advice about your rights and responsibilities to
your partner, children of the partnership, and others.

You don’t need to be represented to get legal advice.

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Skagit Mediation is an approved Family Mediator for Skagit Superior Court
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