Conflict in the Workplace

A worried man with his head in his hands hunched over his desk

Conflict can disrupt the workplace,

causing stress and profit loss.  Whether between co-workers or management and staff, conflict can cause serious disruptions in workflow and inflict stress on all involved.

There is a way forward.

Mediation:  It requires bringing a collaborative approach to conflict, turning it into an opportunity, where parties can share their perspective and proposals, creating and sustaining a respectful and productive conversation.

How can mediation help in the workplace?

Mediation helps to first deescalate conflict before working on solutions. Then, both parties will come together to find a solution to the problems.  Coming to a mediator can solve the problem before lawyers have to step in.

Why can’t I just turn to HR? / I’m in HR – How can I help?

The mediator remains impartial so it is not biased to the worker nor company.  The focus of mediation is to find compromise between the two parties in the most efficient way. As a worker, you can have confidence in knowing that your interests will be fairly represented. As someone in the HR or management department, you can have the peace of mind that your workers know you want what is best for both your company and you.

We offer Conflict Resolution training for employees and staff.

Currently, we are offering a workshop for HR called Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution in the workplace.  Call or text us today (360) 333-2261 to explore this training for your organization.