Mediation and you

Why our mediation services might apply  to you current situation?

Whatever the nature of your conflict or dispute, be it family, workplace, business, commercial, landlord/tenant or simply a misunderstanding between friends, it might be de-escalated and resolved through mediation.

Getting ready for mediation: Before attending a mediation session, make some notes about the nature of your dispute. Summarize how the dispute arose, the key issues in the disagreement and what you would like to see included in a settlement agreement.

During the mediation session, we will create a safe, creative and positive environment to help you separate anger, frustration, resentment, and other negative feelings from your negotiations and provide powerful tools to assist you in building the best possible resolution to your dispute, designed to meet the needs and interests of both parties

Through mediation we will help you find and explore common interests like your children and your mental and physical well-being, to assist you in co-parenting and to minimize the effects of divorce on family members.

We will apply our fees on a flexible scale to make mediation accessible to everyone, regardless of income level.

We have a bilingual team that can serve Spanish speaking couples or family members without the need of translators.