Mediation Services

The nature of conflict.

Emotions run high, things happen, then conflict erupts. We see all the time on TV, in movies, and even in our own homes the need to fight back and impose power dynamics. Whether it’s those we love or a job we’ve dedicated our lives to, when wronged, we often feel we must win no matter what.

De-escalating conflict is no easy task. Fighting might be the cause of the conflict, but it does not have to be a solution.

It is a reality that whenever we seem unable to resolve conflict, we think on lawyers or police.  There is a smarter option:   MEDIATION can be applied to different types of disputes:

  • Family: (including divorce, teen-parent, extended family, family business)
    The consequences of not properly handling conflict in the family setting create so many serious and painful consequences.  In order to minimize the pain, it is CRUCIAL to act very cautiously.

    • Pre and Post Divorce Mediation,
    • Teen-Parent Mediation,
    • Extended Family Mediation
  • Workplace:
    Conflict affects in many ways the situation of our workplace:  The best way to respond to this serious threat is through training.
  • Community:
    • Schools,
    • Neighbors
    • Churches