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We help families in a variety of situations

  • Pre-divorce
  • In the process of divorce
  • Post-divorce
  • Generational conflict
  • Parents and teens

How can meditation help me?

Rather than turning to a lawyer, mediation can help to de-escalate emotionally high situations while finding a solution. Families walk away from mediation sessions with a better understanding of each other, their needs, and with a path forward to better healing.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a negotiation process that can take place before litigation – sometimes without the need for litigation at all. This process involves two or more parties coming together with a problem and a desire to find a mutually beneficial solution. Divorcing families can build co-parenting skills while negotiating the logistics. Older and younger generations can have their voices heard while finding ways to work together as loved ones. Mediation is not legal counsel – it’s a team effort to come together for solutions.

A common myth is that only those who are thinking of going to court must seek mediation. Any family in a state of conflict can use the aid of a certified mediator to bring families together. Children in their teen years often feel underappreciated or ignored. Mediation can give the power to those teens and put families on an even playing field. Aging parents and adult children can find themselves at odds over living situations, inheritance, or medical issues. No matter the case, interpersonal conflict can find a resolution through mediation.

I think my case might need a lawyer, but I’m not sure.

With our free consultation, you can walk away confident in knowing the correct direction for your family. We offer up to 30 minutes free consultation where we can answer questions regarding what service might best fit your family’s needs.