Snohomish Court Rules about Parenting Seminars

Snohomish County Superior Court Local Court Rules

(d) Child Custody or Parenting Plan Proceedings. 
(4) Parenting Seminars. 
(A) Definition of Applicable Cases. This rule applies to all cases filed under Ch. 26.09, 26.10 or Ch. 26.26 of the RCW filed after September 1, 1994, including dissolutions, legal separations, major modifications and paternity actions (in which paternity has been established) where the parties are parents of children under the age of 18, and where a parenting plan or residential plan is required which involves more than purely financial issues. 
(B) Mandatory Attendance. In all cases referred to in Section (A) above, and in those additional cases arising under Title 26 RCW where a court makes a discretionary finding that a parenting seminar would be in the best interest of the children, both parents, and such non-parent parties as the court may direct, shall participate in, and successfully complete, an approved parenting seminar within 60 days after service of a petition, or an initiating motion, on the responding party. Standards for an approved parenting seminar shall be established by Administrative Order of this court. Successful completion shall be evidenced by the parties filing a certificate of attendance/completion with the court. This document shall be filed separately and not as an attachment to other documents.
(C) Special Considerations/Waiver. (1) In no case shall opposing parties be required to attend a seminar together. (2) Upon a showing of domestic violence or abuse which would not require mutual decision-making pursuant to RCW 26.09.191, or that a parent’s attendance at a seminar is not in the children’s best interest, the court shall either: [a] waive the requirement of completion of the seminar; or [b] provide an alternative voluntary parenting seminar for battered spouses. (3) The court may waive the seminar requirement for one or both parents in any case for good cause shown.
D) Failure to Comply. Delay, refusal, or default by one parent does not excuse timely compliance by the other parent. However, a parent who fails to complete the parenting seminar shall be precluded from confirming the case for trial or presenting any final order affecting the parenting/residential plan and may be precluded from seeking affirmative relief in this or subsequent proceedings in this file, until the parenting seminar has been successfully completed. Refusal or delay by either parent may constitute contempt of court and result in sanctions imposed by the court, or may result in the imposition of monetary terms, default, and/or striking of pleadings.

EFFECTIVE: September 1, 2017