Court Approved Parenting Seminar

Successful Co-Parenting Seminar

The Successful Co-Parenting Seminar enables you to create or improve a co-parenting relationship, that will minimize the consequences of your separation to your children.

In Skagit County and neighboring Counties, this seminar fulfills the Superior Court requirement for divorce and separation cases.

The court requires this training because it helps both parents develop an effective co-parenting relationship, so children would be less affected by the divorce or separation.

Doing this training sooner rather than later makes a big difference in effectively facing the challenges in this complex and painful stage.

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This training helps divorcing families transition to a better outcome for their children during a tumultuous time in their lives.

Learn how to build a successful co-parenting relationship that minimizes the negative effects of the separation to your children.

It’s Powerful
Parents leave the classroom with a powerful toolset to create an effective Co-Parenting Relationship and a broader awareness of their circumstances and options.

It Saves Time
In one 4 hour session, you will complete a transformative workshop required by the court for divorce cases.

It Provides Skills
Parents walk away with a better understanding of how to mediate conflict in all aspects of life in addition to coping with the difficult transition of separation.

 Starting 2018 this training will be now offered twice per month, on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Skagit Unitarian Church. 500 West Section St (Located behind the post office in Downtown Mount Vernon.)  

Skagit Superior Court requires all persons involved in a parenting plan action, to participate in an approved parenting seminar (like  “Successful Co-Parenting“) within 90 days after the service of a petition starting the legal proceedings.

For more details see:  Skagit Superior Court Rules about Parenting Seminars

This workshop helps parents who are going through a divorce or separation create or improve a Co-Parenting relationship that provides a healthy environment towards the children’s development.

The dates for 2018 are as follows:

•  January 13th and 27th
•  February 10th and 24th
•  March 10th and 24th
•  April 14th and 28th
•  May 12th and 26th
•  June 9th and 23rd
•  July 14th and 28th
•  August 11th and 25th
•  September 8th and 22nd
•  October 13th and 27th
•  November 10th and 24th
•  December 8th and 22nd

This workshop is provided at the Skagit Unitarian Church
(located behind the post office of Downtown Mount Vernon.)
500 West Section
Mount Vernon, WA, 98273

Skagit Unitarian Church  

Succesful Co-Parenting Certificate

How much does it cost?
$ 50.00  The live seminar is the same price as the online option.  Includes printed material,  parking, coffee, cookies, and certificate. 

Is the certificate valid outside Skagit?
Yes, the certificate is not only valid in Skagit Superior Court but also in neighboring Counties:  Whatcom, Snohomish and Island), It looks great on a wall.

Is this a religiously affiliated program?
No, the church is the event space only.

Do both parents have to attend the seminar?
Both parents do not have to attend the seminar together. However, the court does require both parents must complete the training.  

Can I bring my children?
There is no childcare during the seminar and chidren are not allowed.  Please make the necessary arrangements.

Why an in-person seminar?  Wouldn’t an online class be easier?
An in-person seminar allows for parties to include specific questions or concerns and interact with other attendees.  It also helps in understanding other local resources. Online courses do not allow for direct and immediate feedback nor the participation of others going through similar circumstances.

What content is included in this seminar?
A range of topics is covered:

  • Facets of divorce
  • Divorce on children
  • Parenting plans
  • Children developmental stages
  • Building children’s resilience
  • Conflict management and dispute resolution
  • Emotional intelligence and communication skills
  • Single parenting, step-parenting, and blended families
  • Online resources and references

How can I register? How can I pay?
Our preferred option is to book and pay with the through Eventbrite and print your ticket.    Please e-mail or call/text us if you prefer other paying options.  Leave us a message, and we will contact you within 24 hours. • Text or Call (360) 399-6429

What if I can’t attend as scheduled?
If for any reason you were unable to attend the scheduled event, you can participate with no additional cost in any of our following seminars.  

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