Skagit Superior Court Rules about Parenting Seminars

Skagit County Local Proceedings Rules
(SCLSPR 94.04.1 Parenting Seminars)
effective September 1, 2001; amended September 1, 2009]


(a) APPLICABLE CASES. This rule shall apply to all cases filed after September 1, 2001 under
Chapter 26.09, Ch. 26.10, or Ch. 26.26 RCW which require a parenting plan for minor children;
including dissolutions, legal separations, major modifications, paternity actions in which paternity
has been established, and non-parental custody actions

(b) MANDATORY ATTENDANCE. In all cases governed by this rule, all parties shall complete
an approved parenting seminar. Standards for parenting seminars shall be established by the Court and
providers shall be approved by the Court. An approved list of providers will be available through Court
Administration. [Amended September 1, 2011]

(c) TIMING. Parties required by this rule to participate in a parenting seminar shall complete an
approved parenting seminar within 90 days after service of the petition or motion initiating the
action which is subject to this rule. In the case of paternity actions initiated by the prosecuting
attorney’s office, the parenting seminar shall be required only when paternity is established or
acknowledged and a parenting plan is requested.

(d) FEES. Each party attending a seminar shall pay a fee charged by the approved provider and
sanctioned by the court. The court may waive the fee for indigent parties.

(1) In no case shall opposing parties be required to attend a seminar together.
(2) Upon a showing of domestic violence or abuse which would not require mutual
decision-making, pursuant to RCW 26.09.191, or that a parent’s attendance at a seminar is not
in the children’s best interest, pursuant to Ch. 26.12 RCW, the Court shall either:
(A) waive the requirement of completion of the seminar; or
(B) allow participation in an alternative voluntary parenting seminar for battered spouses.
(3) The Court may waive the seminar requirement for good cause shown.

(f) FAILURE TO COMPLY. Willful refusal to participate in a parenting seminar or willful delay in
completion of a parenting seminar by any party may constitute contempt of court and result in
sanctions, including, but not limited to, imposition of monetary terms, striking of pleadings, or
denial of affirmative relief to a party not in compliance with this rule.

Source:  Skagit County Local Special Proceedings Rules,
Part V. 94.04.1