This is how a local lawyer refers to Mediation….Painful to read…

These are concerning quotes from a fairly known family lawyer in Mount Vernon.   This approach to mediation is fairly common among lawyers, and it is understandable as they are professional litigators and not professional mediators.
“Having the parties in the same room at any point would be extremely traumatic to my client and completely counterproductive”
“We will not have a pre-mediation session.
 “We will only mediate in separate rooms – period.” 
” I do not find “joint sessions” mediation helpful in most situations.
“I will never, under any circumstances, do joint mediation sessions where both parties are in the room. I tried it one time, and walked out in the first 30 seconds, never again.”
“The parties do not get along, and the emotional dynamic makes it counter-productive to try to hold hands and touchy-feely with each other, and to try to make everyone feel good.  It will not happen, not in reality.”
“The way to settle a case is to hit the parties on the head with a hammer, tell them to stop being unreasonable, and warn them of the dire consequences of trial if they do not settle the case.  I would expect you to do that to my client if necessary, and to the other side, if necessary.  It is the ONLY method of mediation that has ever been successful and achieved fair results.”
“As a family law attorney with 20 years’ experience, and having conducted hundreds of family law mediations, I know what will work and what will not work.  Your style and suggestions (Facilitative mediation) are unprecedented in my experience.”
“I have NEVER had my client’s meet with the mediator prior to mediation, and never without me being present.”
“I  have NEVER mediated in the same room with the opposing party.”
“We will not mediate at any point in the same room with the opposing party, and you will not meet separately with my client prior to mediation. As I stated earlier, these are non-negotible positions.”
“There are two family law attorney’s in this county with more experience than I; neither of them does either.”
Between other four lawyers and I, we do probably 75% of the family law mediations in this county, their response to facilitative mediation would be the same as mine.”
“Typically mediation occurs in one of the attorney’s offices
“The way family law mediation works (and I have done probably 300-500 of them Skagit County) is:   you come to one of the attorney’s offices, you meet separately with both parties, briefly, to get a background on the issues, and to give each party the ground rules, etc, then,  we get to work on the nuts and bolts, separately, spending 10 to 30 minutes with each party going back and forth with proposals.  That is the way that mediation in Skagit County family law cases goes.
In Skagit Mediation our Slogan is Mediation prevents Litigation.

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